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Patch Notes

December 16, 2021

Overwatch Retail Patch Notes - December 16, 2021

Seasonal Event: Winter Wonderland 2021

Winter Wonderland returns with some festive favorites! Unwrap new cosmetics, earn weekly rewards, and frolic in the snow with our winter brawls!

'Tis the season with Winter Loot Boxes. Unlock new seasonal items--including legendary skins like Snowman Wrecking Ball, Ice Wraith Genji, and Sleighing D.Va--along with other merry items.

Learn more about Winter Wonderland on playoverwatch.com.

Competitive: No Limits - Season 2

Season 2 of Competitive No Limits has begun!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to get stuck in Hero Select after a point has been captured

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose sound in the client when switching audio devices

  • Fixed a bug that inhibited some players from re-entering voice chat

  • Addressed a geometry exploit on Numbani. The map is now re-enabled for play in Competitive and Quickplay.

  • Addressed a geometry exploit on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The map is now re-enabled for play in Competitive and Quickplay.

New Features

Voice Chat Change - Volume Boost

This feature is being temporarily disabled and delayed to a future patch.

  • Our voice chat now runs through our audio system, resulting in higher volume
  • This comes along with new default values: “Voice Chat Volume” Voice Chat Mic Volume” both set to 80
  • You may need to adjust to your liking under “Sound Options”
  • We are also investigating an issue causing voice chat to not work for some players
Live Patch Notes

These patch notes represent general changes made to the Live version of Overwatch and the balance changes listed affect Quick Play, Competitive Play, Arcade, and Custom Games.