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Patch Notes

January 6, 2022

Overwatch Retail Patch Notes - January 06, 2022


Can now jump much higher while using this ability


Now deals an additional 200 damage within 1.75m of the impact area

Storm Arrows

Arrows ricochet once upon impact

Combat Roll

Can now roll while in the air

Rivet Gun - ALT Fire

Ammo cost decreased from 3 to 2

Wrecking Ball
Grappling Claw

Now has a maximum grapple time of 6 seconds

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed a bug that caused Storm Arrows to go through barriers


  • Fixed a bug that cause Earthshatter to penetrate through barriers and walls
Live Patch Notes

These patch notes represent general changes made to the Live version of Overwatch and the balance changes listed affect Quick Play, Competitive Play, Arcade, and Custom Games.