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January 16 – February 5

Celebrate the Year of the Rat!

Get ready to ring in the 2020 Lunar New Year with more seasonal items, exciting weekly challenges and rewards, and the new brawl, Capture the Flag Blitz. We’re commemorating the Year of the Rat with an abundance of new skins, highlight intros, emotes, and sprays for players to unlock. Fly a delightful kite as Bastion, savor some hot soup with Baptiste, or show your Lunar New Year spirit with new legendary skins like Opera Brigitte, Face Changer Sombra, Mask Dancer Moira, and Samul Nori Lúcio.


Lunar New Year Brawls

Join the Festivities

Capture the Flag Blitz

The stakes have been raised in this new way to play Capture the Flag. With both teams’ flags much closer together, six captures are now needed to win the match instead of the traditional three. Launch an all-out offensive against the enemy to snatch their flag as many times as possible—may fortune favor your team!

Capture the Flag

In Capture the Flag, each team attempts to secure the enemy flag and return it to their base while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Determined players can try Competitive Capture the Flag, which includes placement matches, leaderboards, and Competitive Points!



Win games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or the Arcade to unlock sprays, player icons, and festive skins like Monk Doomfist, Ancient Bronze Winston, and Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball. Each week brings new rewards to earn!

January 16 – January 23(Regional times may vary)
Win 3 Games
Jingang Doomfist Player Icon
Win 6 Games
Focus Doomfist Spray
Win 9 Games
Monk Doomfist Skin
January 23 – January 30(Regional times may vary)
Win 3 Games
Ancient Bronze Winston Player Icon
Win 6 Games
Ancient Bronze Winston Spray
Win 9 Games
Ancient Bronze Winston Skin
January 30 – February 5(Regional times may vary)
Win 3 Games
Rat Wrecking Ball Icon
Win 6 Games
Spring Wrecking Ball Spray
Win 9 Games
Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball Skin

Fortune Smiles Upon You

Celebrate with our lucky Lunar Loot Boxes, filled with new skins, emotes, highlights, player icons, sprays, voice lines, and more. Items you missed during last year's event are also available to unlock for a discounted credit price. Your chance to earn these items will end on February 5, so unlock your fortunes before it's too late!