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Your Fight Begins Now

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The Future Has Never Looked Better

It’s time to reunite and stand with your fellow heroes. The Closed Beta heralds a new era of epic competition; we’re inviting you to travel the world and experience exhilarating new ways to play as you brawl it out on the battlefield. Dive into action, unleash your power, and spearhead the vanguard of Overwatch history. The future is worth fighting for–will you join the fray?

All-new Heroes

Several extraordinary heroes will be joining the current soldiers, scientists, and adventurers of Overwatch. Whether you like to lead the charge as a tank, ambush enemies with powerful damage, or empower and aid your allies, there’s a new hero for you–and many more to come.

A Fresh Multiplayer Experience

Accompanying this new era of Overwatch is a major update to Team vs. Team competition: the implementation of 5v5 combat. This change in team composition will allow every player to have more individual impact than ever before and will transform tank heroes into aggressive bruisers who pack raw, game-changing power in each of their kits. Enjoy high-octane battlefield brawls and more gameplay clarity than ever before as you crush the competition.

More Game Modes

Additional game modes will join the existing lineup of ways to play, bringing more objectives to capture, strategies to explore, and secrets to unearth. The first to come will be Push. In this new, symmetrical map type, teams will battle to take control of a robot that begins in a central location, then push it toward the enemy base.

An Ever-Expanding World

Bring the fight to new destinations as the scope of PvP expands. Travel the world, savor breathtaking sights, and clash on the streets of iconic locations like New York City, Rome, Monte Carlo, Toronto, and more.

Familiar Faces, New Skills

Get ready to experience some of your favorite heroes in new and dramatically different ways. Shake things up with massive reworks for familiar faces, including Doomfist, Orisa, Bastion, and more

More to Come

Experience thousands of new voice lines, more narrative experiences, striking skins and other cosmetics, a complete combat audio overhaul, and more–all running on an updated game engine.


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Playable in Closed Beta: Junker Queen

The sovereign of the Scrapyard has arrived—all hail the Queen! Deigning to grace the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta with her presence, the Junker Queen is here to brawl with the best and claim her throne above the rest.

Thanks for participating

Thank you for opting-in and participating in the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. Please stay tuned to this website and our social media channels for future product news.

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