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Winter Wonderland community round-up: Treat yourself to an avalanche of fan art

Winter Wonderland community round-up: Treat yourself to an avalanche of fan art

We wouldn’t normally instruct anyone to “treat” themselves to an avalanche, but if it comes in the form of Overwatch fan art from the new Winter Wonderland event, bring it on! (Also, we’re based in Irvine, California, so we don’t know what an “avalanche” is but they sound pretty exciting.)

Here are some of our favorite pieces of fan art we’ve seen so far:

We’ll start things off with a piece by Twitter user @nununumunu depicting Ice Fisherman Roadhog making friends (?) with some adorable seals….

Introducing the Dad Starter Pack, Winter Edition, drawn by @art_cerealex: ugly sweater plus hot cocoa! (The shoulder pouches just contain more cocoa packets.)

We imagine the exchange @jaopicksart drew would go something like this: “Who are you?” “I’m you but stronger.”

As seen in this piece by @mohu_yu288, it looks like Zenyatta has a lot more to teach Genji than just how to live as a cyborg….

Thank you for giving us the gift of your art this winter! We look forward to celebrating with you during the Winter Wonderland event, which runs until January 2nd.