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November Sale: Save up to 62% on Overwatch®

If you’re ready to join the fight for the future or have a friend who wants to dive into the action, then join Overwatch® this November! Save up to 62% when you purchase Overwatch, including the new Legendary Edition that comes fully loaded with 5 origin, 5 legendary, and 5 epic skins for PC, PlayStation®4, or Xbox One.*

The action is at an all-time high with our newest hero: Ashe. Take on the enemy team as a legendary outlaw armed with the Viper, a level-action rifle which can be shot from the hip or with aim down sights, increasing her firepower significantly. Light your enemies on fire with Dynamite and gain the upper hand in any situation using the Coach Gun, which can be used to propel yourself to coveted vantage points or blow away enemies. When the going gets tough, get tougher by calling in your omnic sidekick Bob. On the field, he’ll use his arm cannons to shred enemies while you pick off yellow-bellied opponents on the run.

With 29 unique heroes to choose from on over 26 maps and a variety of game modes, there’s always a new way to experience the ultimate team-based shooter.

If you’re ready to experience something new heading into the holiday season, pick up the Overwatch Legendary Edition and join over 40 million players in the ultimate team shooter.


Head to buyoverwatch.com now to party up with your friends. Don’t miss your shot—this offer heads for cover on November 29 at 08:59 p.m. CET*.

*Pricing and timing may vary by retailer.